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  • What makes Cash America such a great place to work?

    What makes Cash America such a great place to work? Let’s ask some of our folks who work with customers every day. Our team works diligently to make an impact in our communities and ensure customer satisfaction — and always while having fun.

    Meet some of our high-energy and sales-driven professionals at our shop located at 2618 I-20W in Grand Prairie, Texas, who make Cash America so special:

    Meet Crystal, Cash America Pawnbroker

    Every customer who enters Cash America’s Grand Prairie location is sure to be greeted by a warm and radiant smile and a pleasant “Welcome to Cash America” from Crystal. Customers can always count on Crystal for superb customer service, positive energy, and great deals. However, Pawnbroking is more than just a job for Crystal: She considers herself part of a family that leverages her strengths, allows her to have fun, and supports her personal ambition to make a positive impact on others.

    How long have you been with Cash America?
    “It’s been a wonderful two years that I have been with Cash America, and it has been a great experience so far.”

    What is a day in the life of a Cash America pawnbroker like?
    “I get to meet someone new every day and help them with their financial needs.”

    What do you enjoy the most about working for Cash America?
    “There are a couple of things. I can’t choose just one! First, I love the value that Cash America places on its employees. We receive a lot of great benefits here. I also love being able to meet and interact with these great customers. Knowing that you’re helping someone and brightening up their day makes it fun to come to work and a positive work environment.”

    What has your experience been like working for Cash America?
    “Cash America has helped me develop in so many ways, both personally and professionally. I’ve gained confidence in my skills and abilities, work with a great team who I now consider family, and most importantly, I get the chance to help every customer who walks through our doors.”

    Meet Casey, Cash America Shop Manager

    Casey, a 10-year team member of Cash America, takes great pride in managing and motivating his staff as well as exceeding customer expectations by always improving their experiences in his shop. His entrepreneurial spirit allows him to implement strategies for the store, empower and energize his staff, and create a positive and fun working environment. According to Casey, Cash America helped him realize his full Shop Manager Casey (fourth from left) with his team.potential in leadership and gave him the perfect opportunity to touch the lives of both his staff and customers.

    What is a day in the life of a Cash America manager?
    “I am responsible for the general operations of the store. As a shop manager, I come in and create the schedule for the upcoming weeks, analyze sales and our goals, and then go onto the floor and help my staff. Most important, we have FUN here.”

    What do you enjoy most about working for Cash America?

    “I mostly enjoy the interaction that I have with my staff, team, and customers. Working at Cash America is 90 percent about building relationships. For example, most of our customers who come into our shop trust us, because they feel like a part of our family. I find a sense of comfort knowing that I have helped someone every day.”

    What has your experience been like working for Cash America?
    “As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and Cash America gives me the opportunity to do so. Cash America allows you to be independent and grow. I am able to control what we take in, pricing it, and then selling it to ensure that customers receive quality products and services.  Cash America inspires me to be creative, help make a difference, and become a leader.”

    By: Derrick Williams, PR and Corporate Communications Intern

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  • April is National Financial Literacy Month

    April means sunny weather is on the way, so why not shine some light on your finances, too? It’s National Financial Literacy month, and as one of the largest providers of pawn loans and specialty financial services in the United States, Cash America is here to help our customers learn more about their finances and how to easily manage their money.

    Cash America partners with the Community Financial Education Foundation (CFEF — formerly Financial Education and Literacy Advisers) to create the Cash America MyStartingPoint financial literacy program, which is an excellent way to educate yourself about things like budgeting and saving, banking, borrowing money and credit management.

    Plus, completing MyStartingPoint goals during the month of April automatically qualifies you for a chance to win a $250 VISA® gift card! See official rules for details.

    Sign up for MyStartingPoint with the Cash America brand near you at Cash America, Cashland, or SuperPawn.

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  • Recruiting the Recruits

    Cash America proudly supports our nation’s military veterans — and recruits them. In 2016, we’re making a concerted effort to find veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life in order to utilize their skills in our shops.
    Our recruiting team, alongside current Cash America managers who are also veterans, will attend four RecruitMilitary career fairs across the country this year, in Arizona, Ohio, and Texas. At the first career fair in Phoenix during late February, we made eight job offers on the spot, with more to come.
    RecruitMilitary provides an opportunity to connect veterans with a large number of employers in one place at the same time. With three more career fairs to come before the end of May — in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and San Antonio, Texas — we’re excited about the opportunity to grow our Cash America family with those who’ve served America.  
    With more than 820 shops in 20 states, there’s plenty of opportunity for veterans across the country to join the Cash America brands, which include SuperPawn in Arizona and Nevada, and Cashland in select Ohio and Indiana locations. Visit our careers page to learn more.
    See below for testimonials from some of Cash America's veteran coworkers:
    Kerry C., Shop Manager of Houston 65
    The Marine Corps has given me the opportunity to serve my country with pride as well as develop skills that transfer directly to my responsibilities at Cash America. Core values like "honor, courage and commitment" lay the foundation for a successful tenure with my company. From communicating effectively with associates and customers, to managing our inventory and assets, Cash America encourages former military to employ skills acquired to grow our business and cultivate our talent.
    Stace R., Assistant Shop Manager of Corpus Christi 1
    In the Navy we are trained to follow orders, pay attention to detail, have an excellent work ethic, and to lead. My military training allowed me to become an Assistant Shop Manager with more opportunity for advancement. Cash America’s Core Values are very similar to the values we used in the service, which has made it easy for me to become comfortable working here. Joining the Cash America family was an excellent career move for me and can be for any veteran looking for a fun working environment with every opportunity for advancement.

    Scott C., Shop Manager of Las Vegas 12
    Service before self is universal in the Army and any other branch of the military; this concept is directly responsible for my work ethic and understanding that we need to put our customers and team members first, even if it means staying that extra hour. This ensures the success of the organization we serve. Meeting customer needs is our mission at Cash America, and believing in your organization's mission is half the battle.

    Joi G., Pawnbroker at Savannah 3
    Making the transition to Cash America was easy. They require some if not most of the same core values you must have to be a member of the armed forces. Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job. Cash America has taught me how to put quality in everything I do. They make me want to achieve the goals I have set for myself, and grow within the company. As I was a proud member of the military, I can say that I am equally as proud to call myself a Cash America coworker.
    Chad G., Shop Manager in Belpre, Ohio
    My MOS was 11Mike/Bravo (infantry dismount out of a Bradley) while I served in the U.S. Army.  The Army taught me discipline, integrity, and awareness. Being disciplined and aware helps me daily; I had to make decisions quickly in the military, and now I do the same at the loan counter.  The Army taught me integrity that we use each and every day at Cashland, waiting on our customers, letting them know that we care and are here to help them, and knowing they can trust us to get the job done quickly and professionally.
    Garland H., Pawnbroker at San Antonio 14
    I am 24 years old and have been employed at Cash America for a little over 16 months. I served in the U.S. Army for three years, including a tour in Afghanistan.
    Initially, making the transition back to the civilian world had me nervous. I wasn’t quite sure what career field I wanted to get into. I got married the same month I got out of the Army and had just got my first apartment in Olympia, Washington. I got a pawn loan from Cash America, and during my transaction I mentioned I’d never been inside a pawnshop before and explained I had recently gotten out of the military. I asked Jeff, the manager, if he needed any extra help, and he told me how to fill out the application online. They called back the very next day!
    In December 2015, my wife received orders to transfer duty stations to San Antonio. I let Jeff know and he quickly got started on getting me a transfer. I was able to start here at my current shop immediately. I’m now learning a lot from my new manager, Irma, who’s teaching me a lot about becoming a leader here in this company. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here at Cash America.

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  • Cash America Wins Crime Prevention Award

    Cash America won the Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association’s 2015 Outstanding Corporate Business Award for our partnership with law enforcement and commitment to crime prevention.

    Jason Foshee, Manager of Physical Security for Cash America, accepts the award from the TCPA.The Texas Crime Prevention Association also gave us its 2015 Above & Beyond Award for our sponsorship and support of the 40th Annual Crime Prevention Conference.
    "The Chisolm Trail Crime Prevention chapter president and vice president had very kind words regarding our commitment to our communities and helping in the fight against crime by supporting law enforcement, and our generous contributions to the TCPA," Jason Foshee, Manager of Physical Security, said.

    Cash America works closely with law enforcement and is proud to be a leader in the industry to keep our stores and customers safe. Learn more in the Cash America Newsroom.

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  • The 2015 Armed Forces Bowl

    Cash America coworkers greeted thousands of fans who attended the​ Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth on December 29, 2015.

    As major sponsors of the Armed Forces Bowl, Cash America was placed prominently near the entrance to the bowl's "Tailgate Outpost."  Attendees filled clear stadium gift bags with tchotchkes, downloaded the Cash America Mobile app, and signed up for giveaways.

    Unlike last year's rain-soaked event, clear skies and sunshine were dominant — almost as dominant as the Cal Golden Bears’ passing attack. The pre-game flyover by F-35 Lightning stealth fighters — the first time that was ever done at a collegiate football game — was the last time Air Force was on top, as the Golden Bears easily handled the Air Force Falcons thereafter.

    The Armed Forces Bowl features patriotic overtones dedicated to service members of all five branches of the armed forces, including showcases of military hardware and giveaways to wounded veterans. The championship trophy is even made of combat-tested steel. Cash America is a proud supporter of both the Armed Forces Bowl and our nation’s service members and veterans.

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  • Feeding Kansas City

    Those who rely on Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas City were delighted to have Cash America’s support this Holiday Season.

    Cash America’s Kansas City coworkers collected shelves of goodies to feed families in need during the holiday season. Coworkers and customers collected three 55-gallon drums of non-perishable food.

    “When the driver from Harvesters picked up our food donations, he said, ‘You have the best customers! He told our coworkers that he usually picks up one or less drums from most businesses.’” said District Manager, Roger Iverson.

    Harvesters serves a 26-county area around Kansas City, where 382,000 people qualify as food insecure. Food insecurity means a person or household may have food today, but may not have enough for tomorrow or for everyone in the household. Last year, Harvesters distributed 44.5 million pounds of food and provided 37 million meals to those in need.

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  • Cash America Rings Closing Bell

    Cash America marked 25 years to the day on the New York Stock Exchange by Ringing the Closing Bell on Monday, August 24. Click here to watch the full video.

    Founder Jack Daugherty and his wife, Shelley, were joined on the platform at the NYSE by company executives and representatives: Tom Bessant, Chief Financial Officer; Randy Blubaugh, VP of Total Rewards and Corporate HR; Dee Littrell, Director of Investor Relations; Yolanda Walker, VP of PR and Corporate Communications; Curtis Linscott, General Counsel and Secretary; and Wendy Walton, VP – Managing Associate General Counsel.

    The milestone was commemorative for many reasons. Chief Executive Officer Dan Feehan recalls the challenges and ridicule Jack faced when he talked about taking Cash America from private to public.

    “People laughed at Jack,” recalled Dan. “You can never take pawnshops public, people would say.”

    But in typical entrepreneurial fashion, Jack ignored the mockery, kept his eye on the mission and leaned on those who could help.

    “Gene Estep played a huge role in taking our company public,” said Jack. Gene worked with Jack in the early days and later served on the board of directors before passing away in 1992. Gene Estep is captured in archived photos at the Exchange, watching Cash America’s first trade.

    On Monday, Cash America enjoyed a warm welcome from the New York Stock Exchange upon arriving to ring the bell. In a short ceremony, Jack was presented a large commemorative coin and framed declaration in honor of the 25th anniversary.

    Exchange representatives even put together a display of pictures and documents marking Cash America’s original listing on the Exchange in 1990.

    “When you think of Jack and all he’s done to build this company, it’s really about his vision and drive,” said Tom. “He’s an incredible entrepreneur.”

    Jack humbly credits all those who helped him get started. But he especially pauses to thank all those who work for Cash America.

    “It’s the hard-working people who make Cash America a success. It’s all the employees who work day-in and day-out to make it a great company,” Jack said. “I appreciate each one.”

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  • Commitment to Diversity

    In June, Cash America hosted a North Texas Leaders & Executives Advocating Diversity (LEAD) networking event at its Field Support Center in Fort Worth.

    Executives and HR representatives from various member organizations across the DFW Metroplex attended this event to have the opportunity to network with qualified candidates. There were more than twenty organizations in attendance, including Cook Children’s Hospital, Lockheed Martin, and the City of Fort Worth.

    North Texas LEAD qualifies candidates for endorsement through a comprehensive screening process including panel interviews led by member-company HR teams. The mission of North Texas LEAD is to “attract and connect top talent to outstanding organizations who are driving diversity and inclusion”.

    Cash America has been a LEAD partner for two years, and this was their first time hosting the networking event.

    Randy Blubaugh, VP of Corporate Human Resources, led the event by welcoming guests to Cash America and discussing Cash America’s commitment to diversity.

    “After seeing the member organizations and types of candidates that were a part of North Texas LEAD, it made sense for Cash America to be a part of this organization and gain exposure within the community,” Blubaugh said. “North Texas LEAD gives us the opportunity to engage with high-quality candidates we would not have met before. We hire individuals in our shops that reflect the communities in which we operate, to really reflect the communities we serve.”

    Cash America’s partnership with North Texas LEAD is also beneficial for potential employees’ understanding of the company.

    “Representatives from member companies and candidates had the chance to step in the doors of Cash America and hear from our President and COO, Brent Stuart, to understand who we are and how we exist, giving us exposure in Fort Worth,” Blubaugh said.

    To learn more about the organization, go to the North Texas LEAD website.

    By: Daniela Escobar, PR and Communications Intern

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  • Download Cash America Mobile Today

    Introducing Cash America’s newest location: your phone! With Cash America Mobile, the new Cash America app, it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the newest deals and special offers.

    It’s fast, convenient, and updates overnight to ensure you always get the latest information on all Cash America, SuperPawn and Cashland locations.

    The purpose of the app is to give Cash America customers an easier and faster shopping experience. Just click on the “Inventory” tab and search by keyword to see the wide selection of items we have available at the shops nearest to you.

    The Cash America app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for — just in time to find the perfect Father’s Day gift — in addition to musical instruments, firearms, tools, jewelry, and anything else sold in a Cash America shop.

    Looking for one of our locations and want to see an accurate, up-to-date list of our shops, along with their hours of operation? With Cash America Mobile, it’s easy to take a look at what shops are in your area by clicking on the “Stores” tab. The app can even give you directions!

    Make sure to check the “Promotions” tab to find an app-only coupon, as well as other Cash America special offers. You can also view our National Jewelry Liquidation Center’s Deal of the Week and our online auction.

    Join our more than 11,000 registered users by downloading Cash America Mobile on Google Play® at Cash America Mobile and in the Apple App Store® at Cash America Mobile. Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

    Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

    By Jennise Streaty, PR and Communications Intern

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  • Red Cross Giving Starts Close to Home

    Fort Worth-based Cash America partners with the American Red Cross to bring relief to those affected by disasters across the country. When recent heavy rains caused severe flooding in large parts of Texas, thousands across the state were affected — including many areas where Cash America shops are located.

    One of the people affected by the floods is Mike Applegate, manager of our Cash America store in Elgin, to the east of Austin. He and his wife live near the quiet town of Martindale, in the scenic Texas Hill Country. On Sunday, May 24, the Blanco River overflowed its banks and flooded the area around Martindale.

    “It was devastating emotionally,” Mike said. “We had just purchased a home and were about 75 percent done with the remodel when the flood hit us. It undid all the hard work my wife and I did over the last year in about two hours. I lost my two prize possessions: motorcycles that were not covered under flood insurance.  My wife lost many old family photos and heirlooms.”

    While Martindale was given several hours of advance warning about the flood, the Applegates live outside city limits and had no way of being notified. They were able to escape but still suffered thousands of dollars in property damage. And that’s when the Red Cross sprang into action.

    “The Red Cross has been very helpful in the recovery process,” Mike said. “They were there constantly with a reassuring smile and offering to be there for us any way that they could. I was able to get a needed vaccination for an injury I sustained during the cleanup; I am truly thankful for all their efforts,” Mike said.

    Amid the tragedy unfolding around them, the coworkers in Mike’s shop exemplified two of Cash America’s core values: We are family, and We act with a servant’s heart.

    “My team really stepped up to the plate by covering for me while I began the recovery process. We have a small staff of four people, including myself. When one person is gone unexpectedly, it can be very stressful. They did an amazing job and I am lucky to have them,” Mike said.

    If you would like to help the recovery efforts in Martindale and other Texas areas affected by flooding, or to support the Red Cross in its nationwide disaster recovery efforts, go to http://bit.ly/CashAmRedCross.

    By Jennise Streaty, PR and Communications intern

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  • Financial Literacy Month Is Here!

    April is an important month: National Financial Literacy month. As one one of the largest providers of specialty financial services in the United States, Cash America helps our customers learn more about their finances and how to easily manage their money.

    We partner with Financial Education Literacy Advisors (FELA) to create the Cash America MyStartingPoint financial literacy program, which is an excellent way to educate yourself about things like budgeting and saving, banking, borrowing money and credit management.

    Plus, completing MyStartingPoint goals during the month of April automatically qualifies you for a chance to win a $250 VISA gift card! See official rules for details.

    Sign up for MyStartingPoint for your Cash America brand at:
    Cash America

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  • Filling Up Empty Bowls

    February marked the 13th anniversary of the Tarrant Area Food Bank's Fort Worth fundraiser, Empty Bowls.

    Part of a national program developed by a ceramics teacher who wanted his students to get involved in feeding the hungry, Empty Bowls offers artists and craftsmen the opportunity to sell handcrafted bowls and local chefs a chance to donate lunch items for attendees.

    A number of Cash America coworkers volunteer at the Tarrant Area Food Bank's facility, and Cash America is proud to be an official sponsor of both the food bank and Empty Bowls.

    Click here to view a highlights slideshow from the TAFB Facebook page.

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  • Cowtown Warriors Ball

    Cash America, a proud supporter of our nation’s veterans, was happy to support the Cowtown Warriors Ball in Fort Worth on February 21.

    The Warriors Ball was founded by the Metroplex Marine Coordinating Council to offset Department of Defense budget cuts to the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment in Quantico, Va.

    Featuring dinner, a silent auction, a live band and remarks from Secretary of the Navy Gordan England, the night was a fun way to support a serious cause.

    Cash America’s table was shared by veteran coworkers along with six Marines as guests.

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  • Win back your Valentine’s Day jewelry purchase up to $500!

    From now until Valentine’s Day, you could win back the value of your jewelry purchase up to $500! Buy your sweetheart something shiny at Cash America, SuperPawn, and participating Cashland locations, and you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes. It’s that easy!

    Up to three purchases can be entered, and a total of 16 winners will be selected on February 24, 2015. See Official Rules and Alternative Method of Entry.

    Valentine's Day 2015

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  • $12 Layaway Offer

    Cash America, SuperPawn, and Cashland Pawn Lite locations nationwide are happy to announce $12 layaways are available until March 7.

     During this time, you can put items on layaway for only $12 down! Expecting a tax refund? That’s a great time to pick up your layaway items.

    Stop by your local store to check out all the great electronics, jewelry, tools, instruments, and other fun items we have available.

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  • Braving the Elements

    Fort Worth was the host for the Armed Forces Bowl at TCU's Amon G. Carter Stadium on January 2, featuring a matchup between the University of Pittsburgh Panthers and University of Houston Cougars.

    As sponsors of the Armed Forces Bowl, Cash America coworkers had a courtesy tent front and center in the “Frog Alley” tailgate zone. Despite a cold day and steady rain, attendees filled clear stadium bags with koozies and bottle openers; red, white and blue sunglasses; and the most popular item: blue Cash America rain ponchos — 3,000 of them, to be exact.

    The ponchos were prevalent among the hardy crowd who stuck around for all four quarters. Despite being down 34-13 with under 4 minutes to play, UH rallied to win the game 35-34 to mark the bowl season's largest comeback and arguably most exciting finish.

    The Armed Forces Bowl recognizes and honors the five branches of the armed services, including showcases of military hardware and giveaways to wounded veterans.

    The military theme is visible all around the event; veterans (including a Pearl Harbor survivor) made their way all around the campus, and the championship trophy is even made of steel from the USS Fort Worth!

    Enjoy the photos of the event below courtesy of Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports, and a big thank you to the coworkers from our Texas offices and Grand Prairie store who helped keep the fans dry and happy (at least the ones cheering for Houston)!

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  • Holiday Pawn Songs winners are here!

    After an intense bout of performances and judging, the 2014 Holiday Pawn Songs contest winners are here!

    The contest app had nearly 10,000 views (and our Facebook page gained more than 500 Likes). We're now flattered and happy to announce the following winners:

    Congratulations to Joyce from Phoenix, the "Fairy Pawnmother," for taking first place ($3,000)!

    Alex from Los Angeles won second place ($2,000), and Corey from Fort Worth won third ($1,000).

    Click here to view the 2015 Holiday Pawn Songs winners.

    Holiday Pawn Songs is about more than creating entertaining music; for Cash America, it's a way to give back to the customers who depend on us to be there for them when times are good or bad.

    The first-place winner, Joyce, was nearly overcome when she found out she had won.

    "SuperPawn has been so good to me for so many years," she said. "I'm about to cry just from talking about it. I want you to know that I meant everything I said in my song. For me, this wasn't just about entering a contest. Thank you so much."

    Second-place winner Alex will use his winnings to help fund his start-up TV channel, PrescriptionAM.

    Third-place winner Corey uses Cash America to pursue his dream of making music: "I have shopped with Cash America ever since I was four years old. All of my music equipment, including my Macbook, was purchased from them. They have looked out for me and my family for years. This song explains how Cash America has helped me create music to spread to the world: how I found the microphone of my dreams, along with more musical equipment, at Cash America," said Corey.

    "A big thank you to all of my friends at the Cash America store on Altamesa Boulevard for always looking out for me… They’re all family in my eyes," he said.

    Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all participants for your hard work!

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  • Holiday Pawn Songs Contest

    Our Holiday Pawn Songs contest ends soon! Until Friday, December 12, you can win up to $3,000 by rewriting a favorite holiday song with lyrics about Cash America, SuperPawn or Cashland.

  • CASE Sale 2014

    CASE sale at Cash AmericaYou’re invited to our annual Customer Appreciation Sales Event!

    On Friday, December 5, 2014, from 6-9 p.m., bring your family and friends to our biggest sale of the year! Enjoy great savings on quality gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Plus, enjoy refreshments and enter for a chance to win prizes.*

    Find the Cash America, SuperPawn, or Cashland Pawn Lite location near you using our store locator, then RSVP to the CASE Facebook event by clicking the tag. See you there!

    *No purchase necessary. Customers need not be present to win. Official Rules and complete details are available at participating stores.
    Click here to RSVP
    Click here to RSVP

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  • Louis V for You and Me

    On Tuesday, November 25, Cash America’s eBay sales team is having a Louis Vuitton® sale that can’t be missed. Our stores have sent in the best of their Louis Vuitton® inventory; bid on your favorite and get a great deal on a fabulous, pre-loved designer purse. 

    Here’s what you need to know to get your next designer accessory at a phenomenal price:

    When: November 25-30

    Where: Cash America eBay Sales

    How: We have more than 50 assorted Louis Vuitton® bags and wallets ready to post. Simply browse the store, find the bag you love the most, and bid — it's that easy! The auction ends on Sunday, November 30, so keep an eye on the bidding.

    To top it off, all the Louis Vuitton® items have been authenticated by Authenticate First, the leading authority for high-end designer authentications, and come with a Certificate of Authentication.

    Happy Shopping!

    Photo may include copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights owned by or licensed to, Louis Vuitton Malletier SA, a company incorporated in France.

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