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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does a pawn loan work?

  • What is an extension?

  • What is a renewal?

  • Will I lose my merchandise?

  • How do you determine an item’s worth?

  • How do you determine the condition of an item?

  • How do you determine the value of jewelry?

  • How do you determine the price of gold?

  • Can you give a quote on an item over the phone?

  • Why does the loan amount differ from the selling price at local retailers or even Cash America/SuperPawn stores?

  • Is my collateral safe while in pawn?

  • Are pawnshops regulated?

  • Can I pawn a gun?

  • Are pawnshops stocked with stolen merchandise?

* Subject to terms and conditions.  Restrictions apply.  See store location for details.  Items and services vary by location.

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