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Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Say…

"Unfortunately, all of us have either not enough funds or not good enough credit. Thank God for places like Cash America who help us until we can get out little funds. Most family [and] friends are experiencing the same as us—we need them [Cash America]."—Annette T., Dallas, Texas

"Payday Advance is always there for me when I need a loan. When I have no money left from my check, they help me to be able to pay others I owe. Payday Advance was there for me when my bank wasn't."—Gracie G., Dallas, Texas

"I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Cash America Payday Advance in Dallas, Texas. They are always very friendly, professional and the store is always clean. The company is organized and [staff] is courteous. They are here for me when I can't get help from a bank."—Julio P., Dallas, Texas

"I was so very pleased with the level of service at Cash America. Talk about fast, friendly service. Wow!"—Lorie V., Dallas, Texas

"Payday loans are very helpful when you are trying to pay a bill that you were not expecting. When my daughter lost her job, it was the only way we were able to pay rent. If you use these loans the right way and not abuse them, they can be very helpful for people that are living from check to check."—Dollie M., Texas

"Throughout the years, companies like theirs have helped the community in struggling times. By providing good customer service and attending to customers' needs."—Sergio P., Texas

"Our neighborhood continues to function because of Payday Advance and our ability to get loans as needed. It would be criminal not to have them around!"—Earnest M., Texas

"Because of Payday Advance, I was able to pay my bills and rent on time, otherwise I would be homeless."—Christopher H., Texas

"I have been able to make it multiple times only because of Payday Advance loans. Without them, I would not have been able to handle the rise in medical bills or obtain medical attention and cover my living expenses, especially since my medical issues are so severe that I have to miss work often."—Laura G., Texas

"Payday Advance has really helped me in times that I have needed to get a small loan because the banks won't lend the small amounts, or I can't get approved for a larger one. [Payday Advance] they help people with their small needs that really make a big difference."—Brandon W., Texas

"I needed a payday loan for an emergency bill and Payday Advance saved me from getting my lights turned off. I was able to come in and get the amount of money I needed with no questions asked. I know not only myself, but other friends and family use Payday Advance and it is very reliable...always there when needed."—Tacoya V., Texas

"Payday Advance has never asked/encouraged me to get a loan. Payday Advance has been extremely helpful to me to manage financial needs on an interim basis. We would have lost our current home and a rental property if we did not have resources provided by Payday Advance. I fully understand the cost associated with these loans, even with that, it has been extremely valuable to have as a resource."—Debra H., Texas

"Helpful way to manage money for short time. Great service. Very convenient for emergency situations. Thanks, Payday Advance."—Omor H., Texas

"Cash America was a big help to me. They approved my loan so that I could get caught [up] on my bills after I had to have medical attention. Without them, I didn't know what I was going to do. They helped out well."—Tiffany M., Texas

"Without this loan, there is no way I would be able to pay my bills. These ladies have gone out of their way to help me time and again. The only reason I am here today is because the bank I've been with since 1997 denied me for a loan. Where would I be without Payday Advance? I'd hate to guess."—Tikesha S., Texas

"Without the payday loan, I would not have been able to take my daughter to the doctor and buy her medicine. I don't need a bank loan that runs my credit for just $100, I need payday loans."—Liane G., Texas

"My son is having to go back to Iraq and we had to buy him an airplane ticket so he can see family before leaving. He had not seen his brother in almost five years and had never seen his three-year-old nephew. Thanks to Payday Advance, we had an awesome visit."—Marcia B., Texas

"Having a financial option such as short-term loans helps me by giving me the ability to keep my bills paid on time. Having this option keeps me on track, as well as gives me the availability to make payments. Other options with credit cards or personal loans are harder to obtain or pay off on time."—Thomas M., Texas

"I have been a customer of Payday Advance for a while now and they have saved me on a number of occasions. My carpet was flooded and [they] helped me clean up my house. When a relative passed away, I borrowed money to attend the funeral. It's not easy for some people to get cash quickly. If Payday Advance hadn't been there, I would have been out of luck. If a person chooses to get a payday advance, they most definitely need it and should be able to obtain one."—Nathan M., Texas

"Payday Advance has helped me when I needed it most. My daughter suffered a terrible accident and needed money to cover medical expenses. Everyone denied me except Payday Advance who was there to help me out. Not only that, but their customer service reps are courteous and friendly. I also needed them when my daughter got well and graduated from high school. I couldn't have bought her graduation ring or celebrated her graduation. Thank you, Payday Advance."—Mariela Z., Texas

"I believe that pawn shops are a valuable resource to the community. When financial emergencies arise, it is both convenient and easy to use the services of local pawn shops. They are modern-day garage sales, except you are able to gain possession of your goods after the financial crisis has been adverted. It [gives me] peace of mind to know I have this service available to me if and when I need it."—Wynetta R., Texas

"Pawn loans provide simple, private and quick access to cash. I have personally used [pawn] loans as a stop-gap measure to ensure my personal and professional business continues to operate smoothly."—James S., Texas

"I was really in a tight spot where I needed extra money for groceries. I don't have a bank account and my credit isn't good enough that I could go to any bank and get a small loan immediately. Instead, I came to Cash America. Within 30 minutes, I was able to go to the grocery store and buy my family groceries for the rest of the month. I really appreciate the business that Cash America has made."—Veronica E., Texas

"Payday Advance helped me out many times by advancing me money that allowed me to assist my son and grandchildren...and still pay my bills. I would not have been able to do so without companies such as this. My grandchildren would have suffered if I was not able to financially support them by assisting with daycare expenses, medical bills, clothing and food. Payday Advance allowed me to do just that."—Patricia B., Texas

"I chose Payday Advance because all the other agencies I went to have so many requirements for customers like me who struggle and need a little help to get ahead. Thanks to Payday Advance, I can catch up on my bills without paying all the late fees, and I can start to save some money. If it wasn't for their help, I'd still be behind and struggling financially even more. Thank you, Payday Advance. You're a life saver!"—Maria F., Texas

"Many of my personal payments/bills have been finalized and paid off with the help of Payday Advance. If it weren't for their consistency and aid, my well-being would not be at the level it currently is. I am now able to provide for my family in times of need."—Angelica G., Texas

"I am a single mother of four and I'm PROUD to say I can give my children the fun and joyful childhood they are meant to have because of my choice to be a Payday Advance customer."—Keisha P., Texas

"I come to Cash America because it's an easy and fast way to get cash when I'm in a struggle to pay my bills. The service is great and employees always friendly and helpful. They make the transaction very easy."—Julie M., Texas

"Payday loans are very convenient and come in handy in my many situations. I just got paid, yet I ran into a situation that concerns my son needing emergency surgery and I am having to pay my deductible out of pocket. This loan is actually helping me do just that. It's unfortunate that I cannot get a regular loan, so this is a huge help. If it weren't for this payday short-term loan, I would not be able to get care for my three-year-old child. This loan is a huge help."—Belinda H., Texas

"When my family and I have been in a bind, I was able to get a loan without having to worry about my credit worthiness. When we needed money right away for food, medications, bills and education, I have been able to get cash right away and had the convenience to pay it off right away or in several payments. I appreciate this service."—Luz P., Texas

"Payday Advance assists me when money is tight. When my car needs repairs and I don't have enough to get through the next payday. I understand that this is a service provided to me and it's up to me to make sure that the loan is repaid. Without this type of service, I may not be able to make ends meet at times."—Cecilia C., Texas

"Payday Advance has benefited my situation in so many ways. I do not have sufficient credit to obtain a loan at other financial institutions and I like the short-term loan process. They have been beneficial when I needed cash due to situations occurring unexpectedly."—Elizabeth C., Texas

"Cash America Pawn has helped me [with pawn loans] pay my bills. They are kind people and they work deals with customers. I really like the help they give us. Thank you, Cash America Pawn."—Ivan E., Texas

"There was a death in the family. My children's dad died. I had no money and was not going to have any for weeks. Because of Cash America, I was able to get a loan and get my children to the funeral. I thank God for [Cash America's] ability to assist in a time of need. They do what family and friends won't do."—Jacqueline W., Texas

"Recently, I was short on cash and when I received a call from my daughters' mother who needed money for their medicine. I did not have enough to cover what she needed. My only option was to pawn some items to get cash. I was able to go to the local Cash America Pawn and sell some items so I could help get the medicine my girls needed. Without pawn services available to me, I would have no way of getting needed money in [this] emergency."—Paul T., Texas

"If it had not been for Cash America loaning me money, I really don't know what I would have done. I was in dire need of money at various times to help me and my family make it to our next payday. I didn't want anyone to know how in need I was and there was no one in a position to help me financially. The money I received through a pawn loan was truly a blessing. I am so thankful Cash America was here when I needed them. The staff is always polite, friendly and I really feel aren't judging me for being in need. Again, I really don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been able to receive the financial help when I needed it. Thank you Cash America, a million thanks."—Valerie B., Texas

"Cash America has always been so good to me. I can go there and get great deals on so many things. It wasn't until recently [however] with the financial times that Cash America has become important. When I was laid off work, I could not get a bank loan to pay for my medical expenses. Cash America let me pawn items, get my medications, and then I could get my items back. I was treated with respect and kindness. I find their services invaluable in these times."—Deborah J., Utah

"Without Cash America Pawn there would be no helping hand for me and my family. Cash America has been there for me for 10 years when I've needed help. It there was not a Cash America, I would not know who to turn to in tough times."—Joseph C., Texas

"I am so glad for establishments such as Cash America where I can always get a loan. Plus, the staff are wonderful. At times, I have needed money fast due to an emergency trip to the hospital. I am thankful for straight-forward terms and short-term loans."—Kreistin H., Utah

"Cash America has been a great place to go when times are hard. It's not easy to sell or pawn anything, but everyone there always makes me feel better. I know that things will always be okay when I need a little extra cash or when a bill pops up."—Natalia S., Utah

"Thanks to Cash America's pawn loans and cash advances, I have been able to [get help with] my finances during times of need. Without them, some of my bills would not have been taken care of."—Liz C., Texas

"As a single mother of three, I frequently run into financial obstacles, especially during this recession we are facing, and if it weren't for pawnbrokers, I would have lost my house, had my utilities turned off and, perhaps, would have even lost my job. It is very important to be able to go into my local pawnshop and get extra cash when I need it most. Even though I have a good job with good pay, in this day and age it's hard even for married couples to be able to survive."—Monique D, Texas

"There have been several times that Cash America has helped me feed my two kids. There are times where my benefits/paycheck/clients are delayed on me getting paid. I receive food stamps, but sometimes they aren't available in time and my family still needs to eat. So when times are hard, the friendly staff at Cash America helps me...and with dignity. I know that my cherished belongings are safe until I can get them back. I have received loans on many separate occasions and each time my belongings were returned safe and quickly. The pawnshop has been a helping hand."—Shanika M., Texas

"Pawnshops have been my lifeline since my husband died. The VA has failed to pay me benefits since my husband died two years ago, and I have relied on pawnshops to see me through difficult times."—Myrle J., Texas

"Cash America has helped me multiple times when I needed cash. Thanks to Cash America, I am able to pay my bills every month. Short-term loans allow me to get through the month."—Linda R., Texas

"Pawn [loans] helped me in my time of need. [Cash America] was able to give me cash when my lights were about to be cut off. I am a single mother with two kids and times are very hard. I was able to pawn my valuables until I got extra help."—Tanehsha J., Texas

"I have both payday loans and pawn loans. They have helped me very much in some hard times I had when my job slowed down. If it hadn't been for [these] loans, I don't know if I would still have my house."—Jose P., Texas

"I am thankful for Cash America giving me a loan. Especially at a time when a family emergency came. My bank would not give me a personal loan because of my credit score. I had been with them for eight years and get direct deposit which means they see my money before me."—Ta-Kisha P., Texas

"If it wasn't for Cash America, I wouldn't be able to make up the difference for my medical needs and financial needs. I have done business for years with Cash america and they have always been there for me and other customers that are in a financial bind. This is the only way some people have to keep their families going."—Norma R., Texas

"I have fallen on bad times more than three times in the last year. I went to the bank and could not get the help I needed because of my bad credit history. If it was not for Cash America, I would have lost the few good things that I have."—Floyd C., Texas

"Pawnshops—Cash America specifically—are a necessity and [an] asset to the community. If not for these shops, our economy would have many more problems. These shops help us get through week to week, day to day and month to month. This shop has helped me for over 10 years!"—Gerald M., Texas

"I'm writing these few lines to inform you that Cash America Pawn has been convenient for me. Due to many unexpected hardships, being a low-income person with no credit, has affected me. Cash America does not look at credit, they just value the object. Cash America gives you plenty of time to pay a pawn loan. Even though we have to pay interest, it helps. If it wasn't for Cash America, I really don't know where I would go to get the money I needed."—Mary G., Texas

"I am a mother of two and if it weren't for neighborhood pawnshops, many nights my kids wouldn't have eaten. The economy is bad and banks will not lend any money. So all we have in our communities are businesses like the pawnshop."—Chantella M., Texas

"Pawnshops provide a fundamental service to the underfinanced sector. Pawn interest rates typically fall well below NSF (insufficient funds) fees charged by banking institutions. Credit checks are not done to secure loans, so no points are lost on ratings for inquiries."—Cheryl D., Texas

"Cash America has been a reliable source in times of unexpected financial difficulties. Their lending services and valuation throughout the years that I've been a customer have been convenient, fair and flexible. Moreover, their terms and conditions are very forthcoming and I am in a position to accept or deny the terms. From my experience, I feel they fulfill a consumer need [and] I'm a well informed customer."—Gerald S., Texas

"I am happy to have the freedom to use pawnshops to help me make ends meet as the cost of living is so high. With my husband not working, I am not able to get a loan from a bank and pawnshops come in handy. When I need money for gas or food for my children, I am happy that I can go to the pawnshop to get some cash and help me take care of my home."—Michelle P., Texas

"When I couldn't get funds [anywhere] else, Cash America Pawn gave me a loan. Then they extended my loan until I was able to help myself better. I need their business for hard times because of the economy."—Patrice W., Texas

"Without Cash America I would have been stuck in numerous destitute situations. Thankfully, they were there to help. Thank you, Cash America."—David H., Texas

"I use Cashland’s payday loans when emergencies come up and you need money but don’t get paid until Friday or you don’t get paid for two weeks and you just need enough money to pay a bill so they don’t shut something off."—Heather Y., Ohio

"As a customer of Cash America, I have to say that without them, I would have sunk into debt and would have lost [my] good standing with some creditors. Pawnshops help people that can't go to the bank. They are a critical part of surviving small and sometimes large emergencies."—Rhonda K., North Carolina

 "[I use payday advances] to prevent overdrafts with my bank account; and just weekly type miscellaneous expenses that sometimes make me a little short, so just a little loan—short-term—gets you through."—Thaddeus E., Ohio

"Pawnshops are very helpful to the average working person. Sometimes money gets tight in between paydays and pawnshops make it easy to get by. Without pawnshops, I would not have been able to get groceries or other necessities for my family."—Dory E., Texas

"You have emergency situations. Last year my mother-in-law died, so [I had] to drive from North Carolina to Texas and I needed some extra money. So, I did a short-term loan which was quick, and by the time I got back, I was getting paid and I paid it off. The services were just wonderful."—Dewaylynn R., Texas

"I use pawnshops and short-term loans because you cannot go to a finance company and get a $50 loan for medication, etc. At Cash America, they are friendly and help in emergency situations."—Sabrina B., Texas

"[Payday loans] are so convenient…being able to come and get the money quickly and then come back and pay it off on my payday."—Adrian K., Ohio

"We never had to use a pawnshop until last year. We were having financial problems and had it not been for Cash America, I don't know how we would have made it. I am thankful. Thank you."—Wilmore B., North Carolina

"Well, I have a 13-year old child and usually it’s emergencies with him. I’m a single mom, so you know bills that come up, they may be a little bit more than I can handle at the time. But I can get a loan and it helps me pay the bills that I need to pay."—Felice W., Texas

"There’s a lot of different things you can do in one place—cash checks and pay bills and I just like it. Cashland is convenient. There’s a lot of good locations for me."—Tara M., Ohio

"[It’s] such a simple process. You come in and do what you have to do and that money is there and it’s a great thing. The guys are great here – the men and the women that work here. They explain everything; you know that you have no questions whatsoever. It’s an excellent thing I do believe.—Felice W., Texas

"I am not sure what I would have done without my local pawnshop. I was laid off from my job. I got very ill and tried to stretch my disability check. The pawnshop was able to help me pay my son's school tuition, pay to have my power turned back on, and get gas for my car. Pawnshops are a source of help for people like myself who can't get help from state and government agencies."—Tannea R., North Carolina

"I was short on my paycheck ‘cause I had to take off from work. I was sick and I needed to pay some bills. So, I went here [Payday Advance] as this is the only way that I could get the extra money to pay the bills. It helped me out a lot."—Melissa E., Texas

"Pawnshops have been open and helping people for a very long time. Someone who has no credit can take their belongings to the pawnshop and get a no-hassle loan. It comes in handy for many people in need and gives them the cash they need to make ends meet. The prices to survive keep going up, while pay stays not enough. So with the economy the way it is, pawnshops are helping keep food on many tables, bills paid, [and] birthdays celebrated."—Dawn B., Texas

"Pawnshops have been there when I was unemployed and the only way I could feed my kids or pay a light bill was to visit an area pawnshop like Cash America. The people working there understand my situation and are always willing to help any way that they can. Even when I have missed the due date on my pawn [loan], they called to remind me to come and pay so that I wouldn't lose my valuabes."—Jannette G., Texas

"I am an everyday American who has benefited from the services that pawnshops have offered at the last minute. They have helped me get money that I needed to pay unexpected bills that I did not have the money to pay. Also, private banking services are not an option for me [so] pawnshops came to my aid."—April C., Texas

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