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Helpful Tips

  • At Home

    •   Do simple home and car repairs yourself.
    Lower the temperature in your house at night during the winter (raise the temperature in the summer).
    Turn lights off when you leave a room.
    Conserve water (turn off water when brushing your teeth).
    Use average billing for utilities and pay bills on time.
    Control your use of credit cards.
    Stop all optional services on your telephone.
    Shop at pawnshops for great deals.
    Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees, extra finance charges, and the costs of a bad credit rating.
    Make gifts instead of buying them.
    If you are incurring return check fees, evaluate your need for a checking account; shop around for free or low-cost checking.


  • Meals and Groceries

      Pack a lunch to take to school or work instead of eating out.
      Cut down on meals away from home.
      Do more cooking from scratch.
      Use leftovers (and plan for leftovers) in soups and casseroles.
      Limit food shopping to once a week; the fewer trips to the grocery store the better.
      Use coupons for items you buy regularly.
      Make a grocery list and stick to it to prevent impulse buying.
      Buy only what you need–don't buy things just because they are on sale.
      Buy store brand products.

  • Transportation

     Consider moving closer to work, if that's an option.
     Use public transportation.
     Drive small cars that cost less to operate.

  • Health, Recreation and Personal Care

    •   Develop good health habits.
    Avoid tobacco, alcohol or addictive drugs.
    Study to improve your qualifications for the job you hold and let your boss know that you are interested in additional training.
    Investigate government or church operated child care; or share child care responsibilities with a friend or neighbor.
    Plan family activities that are inexpensive such as picnics and playing in the park.
    Eliminate cable television.
    Get movies from the public library instead of renting them.
    Use direct deposit. You will be less likely to spend money if it goes straight into your account.
    Carry only small amounts of cash in your wallet so you won't spend it.
    Organize laundry so that a minimum number of loads is run.
    Buy clothing that does not need ironing or dry cleaning.
    Use immunization clinics.

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