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Core Purpose and Values

Cash America’s core purpose is to provide financial solutions that help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams. Cash America operates under a set of core values that coincides with its strong belief in balancing work and family. These beliefs are evident in our interactions with each other, customers, vendors and shareholders.


  • We act with a servant’s heart as we value the interests of others above ourselves and strive to consistently meet our customers’ needs.

  • We bring honor to the team by knowing that no one wins until we all win. This value gives us pride in what we do, demonstrates personal integrity and sound business ethics, and aligns our behavior with the expectations of our customers and company, whether we’re at work or out in the community.

  • We strive for excellence as we set, and achieve, high standards of performance for ourselves. We inspire creativity, champion change that leads to improvement, demonstrate a willingness to learn and improve, and empower others to realize their full potential.

  • We are family by accepting each team member for who he or she is, both strengths and shortcomings; we respect one another in spite of differences; we understand the value for diversity and share credit with others.

  • We have fun despite any challenges encountered or number of tasks to complete. We can balance our work and personal lives, maintain a positive attitude and work together for a common goal.

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